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Tuition, Fees, and Additional Expenses Policy Statement 

The table below details anticipated tuition, fees, program required expenses, as well as other costs associated with the MS Athletic Training program. Please note, should a student complete the 3+2 option, the student is considered an undergraduate for financial aid purposes for the entire program as they receive the undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time. These students will pay undergraduate tuition costs for any undergraduate coursework and graduate tuition for any graduate coursework. The financial aid is calculated as an undergraduate and the student is eligible for undergraduate grants and is restricted to undergraduate loan limits.  In some cases, the student may complete and choose to graduate as an undergraduate and then complete the remaining classes as a graduate student. In those situations, the advisor and student will work with the financial aid office to ensure proper financial aid calculation. Rates are subject to change based on the review and approval of the Board of Trustees. All costs are estimated. 

 **NEW: All MSAT Students receive IN-STATE GRADUATE TUITION! Students classified as Out-of-State students will be given a waiver and will pay In-State Tuition costs for all graduate level courses**

MSAT Program Tuition and Fees*

In-State Complete Program Tuition 


University Fees

University Fees


Graduate Matriculation Fee


Total Estimated Tuition & Fees

In-State: $30,697.75

 Additional Program Estimated Costs and Fees

Textbooks/Resources/Miscellaneous Supplies


Student Responsibilities

NATA Professional Membership 


Background Check and Drug Screen


Immunizations, Annual TB Test, Flu Shot




Typhon Membership


myClinicalExchange Access (1 year access)


Professional Liability Coverage (HPSO Recommended)


D51 Background Check


Mental health related training- ATRN 532 Course fee


CPR Certification Course- Taken During ATRN 511


Professional Attire/Clothing and Parking


Estimated Living and Transportation Expenses Per Semester

Housing and Food


Miscellaneous Living Expenses




 Updated: November 2023 

*Please note, all expenses are based on estimated costs and subject to change.

**Expenses vary based on the student's location. 

 To be considered an In-State student, see Colorado Residency Requirements