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The CMU PA Program offers a student-centered curriculum that has a unique emphasis on training compassionate and competent PAs to be ambassadors of wellness in their careers and communities. Our program places emphasis on wellness promotion and disease prevention for the individual patient and the community.

Starting every January, the program is a rigorous 27-month, full-time, on campus program consisting of 112 credits. The CMU PA Program curriculum is designed to educate future clinicians with the knowledge and skills to be agents of excellence and innovation in the delivery of quality healthcare to the communities of Western Colorado and beyond.


Program Policies

The CMU PA Program clearly communicates its program policies to students. All University and program policies will be provided to students during program orientation where they will review and sign the Student Handbook Attestation Form, acknowledging an understanding of Institutional and program expectations, policies, and procedures. (A3.02)


The Colorado Mesa University MPAS Program does not allow current PA students to work for the PA Program in a paid or volunteer capacity under any circumstance. (A3.04)

The PA Program does not allow for PA students to substitute or function as instructional faculty regardless of prior knowledge, education, or experience. Students are not to be the primary instructor or instructors of record for any component of the curriculum under any circumstance. (A3.05)

During clinical rotations, students will not be used to substitute for regular clinical or administrative staff under any circumstance. (A3.06)

Employment at any time during the CMU PA Program is strongly discouraged due to the rigorous and demanding nature of the academic requirements and associated schedule. Substantial negative effects on academic and clinical performance commonly arise when students choose to be employed during the PA educational process. Under no circumstance will employment be considered appropriate rationale for absence from any academic or clinical learning activity nor will it be accepted as a justification for sub-standard academic performance.

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement, is defined as a waiver of required professional coursework in the PA Program, and will not be granted under any circumstance. All students who enter the program must fulfill all program requirements. All courses within the curriculum are required. No transfer credit is accepted. No credit is granted for pre-admission experiential learning, prior coursework, degrees, certifications, or advanced training. (B2.01)


The CMU MPAS Program has a policy not to honor requests for deferment of admission during the period between formal acceptance and matriculation. 

Clinical Rotations

The CMU MPAS Program coordinates all activities associated with clinical practice experiences including identifying, contacting, initial and ongoing evaluation of the suitability of, and student placement with clinical sites and preceptors. (A3.03)

CMU MPAS Program Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement

The Colorado Mesa University Physician Assistant Program believes that diversity, inclusion, and equity are integral to our mission and vision. We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting a diverse student body, staff, and faculty. We are committed to providing and promoting educational resources for our students, staff, and faculty. (For CMU's D&I resources, see (A1.11)

Application Process

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How to Apply