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Marketing is a dynamic area of the business field that focuses on developing customer interest and loyalty with the goal of promoting and selling products and/or services. Marketers research and identify target audiences, develop products and brands, create promotional campaigns and develop distribution methods that meet consumers’ needs. Marketing majors typically work in sales, product development, branding and public relations; however, a degree in marketing can lead to a broad range of careers.

Colorado Mesa University offers a Marketing concentration as a part of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. Marketing majors will develop marketing materials, study methods in promotion and research, and learn about consumer behavior and how to identify and reach a target audience. Numerous opportunities beyond the classroom are available to business majors that enable students to practice and develop business knowledge, techniques and skills. Clubs, organizations, internships, and other professional development activities such as the Student Showcase are available to facilitate students in becoming stronger candidates upon entering the job market.


 Account Representative/
• Advertising Executive
• Brand Development
• Buyer
• Consumer Affairs
• Copywriter
• Customer Service
• Development
• Development Officer
• Director of Product
• Distribution Manager
• District Sales Manager
• E-commerce Marketer
• Event Coordinator
• Global Marketing
• International Marketing
• Marketing Field Coordinator
• Market Information
• Marketing Planner
• Media Planner
• Merchandising Manager
• Online Marketing Specialist
• Pharmaceutical Sales
• Product Manager
• Promotions Manager
• Public Relations Manager
• Purchasing Agent
• Quality Control Auditor
• Research Analyst
• Retail Manager
• Sales Manager
• Site Optimization Strategist
• Social Media Marketing Specialist
• Wholesale Sales Representative

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a bachelor’s degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

• Write, edit, and produce marketing materials, press releases and online content.
• Serve as the public face of a corporation or government entity.
• Develop and maintain a business or organization’s online presence.
• Develop and implement promotional campaigns.
• Develop new products that fill the need of the target audience.

• Corporations and Small Businesses
• Advertising and public relations firms
• Professional Associations
• Colleges and universities
• Federal, state and local government organizations
• Non-Profit Organizations

Skills Needed by Marketing majors:

• Written and oral communication skills
• Creative and imaginative
• Ability to assess, persuade and influence target audiences
• Sensitivity to potential consequences or public perceptions
• Ability to understand diverse viewpoints

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