Pay Period Schedule

FY23 Semi-Monthly Calendar


Student Payroll Supervisor Forms

New Student Worker Form

The Work Authorization Card is used to hire student(s) who've not worked for your Org before.

You have to download and save the WAC card onto your computer and use the saved file to fill out and submit. The file that opens from the link will not allow you to submit. Please see instructions below.

Work Authorization Card

Instructions: See the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a WAC card.

Returning Student Worker Form

The Returning Student Employee Worksheet is used to rehire student(s) who've worked for your Org before.

Returning Student Employee Worksheet (RSEW)

Other Forms

The Raise Worksheet is used to adjust your student workers’ wages.

The Termination Worksheet is used to terminate a student workers' employment with your department.

Payroll e-forms

Faculty/Staff Direct Deposit Update Request

Student Employee Direct Deposit Update Request

W-4 Update

Human Resources Address Change

Foundation Payroll Deduction Authorization

Foundation Payroll Deduction Cancellation

Hamilton Rec Center Payroll Deduction Authorization

Hamilton Rec Center Payroll Deduction Cancellation

Helpful Links

Student Employment Handbook

Student Employee Fund Allocation 22-23

Student Payroll Information

Faculty and Staff Payroll Information

Payroll is located on the 4th floor of Lowell Heiny Hall.  Below each Payroll office is listed.

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 Amanda Gillespie

Payroll Specialist

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Katy Beckel 

Payroll Specialist

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