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Employee Tuition Waiver

Professional & Classified Personnel who are benefits eligible as defined under Section IV, Group Insurance Plan may have tuition waived for job-related and career enhancement undergraduate, graduate or noncredit courses that are offered by the University. Tuition waivers are limited to twelve (12) semester hours per fiscal year. Tuition waivers are limited to classes with space available without eliminating a tuition-paying enrollee. Approval must be in writing and must be received before the employee enrolls in the course or training. 

If the class meets during regular work hours, employee must have prior written approval of the supervisor to either make up the time lost of charge it to annual leave. Personnel who fail to earn a passing grade (defined as a 'C' or higher) will be required to repay the cost of course tuition for that course. Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code and Revenue Rulings, the monetary value of any tuition waiver may be subject to income taxation.

Spouse/Dependent Tuition Discount

An eligible employee's spouse and/or dependent is eligible for a tuition discount for CMU undergraduate credit coursework regardless of the delivery type. The tuition discount does not apply to graduate credit or non-credit courses. The discount is limited to a maximum of six (6) credit hours total combined of on-line and on-campus delivered courses during a fiscal year. In the event of double eligibility for a tuition discount under this policy (e.g. both parents employed by the University), the dependent child will be entitled to benefits through one parent.