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The following accident and cancer plans are available for all faculty, staff and state classified employees.

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The Colorado Mesa University Health Insurance Plans are designed to provide each employee a choice in the level of medical insurance coverage they feel they need for themselves and their family. Our Medical Plans provide a variety of comprehensive coverage, however an individual may still have out of pocket expenses depending on the coverage selected and the medical situations which may arise.

For this reason, Colorado Mesa University provides several supplemental insurance coverage through Colonial Life Supplemental Insurance. These coverage's include Accident Insurance and Cancer Insurance.

Accident Insurance 

Designed to help see you through the different stages of care due to an Accidental Injury such as a broken bone, separated joint or a catastrophic accident. Benefits are designed to help cover the cost of out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, office visit co-pays and transportation and lodging cost. The plan provides benefits for initial care and treatment, in addition to follow-up care you may need.

Cancer Insurance 

Offers the protection you need to concentrate on what is most important - your care. Features of Colonial's Cancer Insurance include:

  • Pays regardless of any other insurance you have with other insurance companies.
  • Provides a cancer screening benefit that you can use even if you are never diagnosed with cancer.
  • Guaranteed renewable as long as premiums are paid when due.
  • Benefits paid directly to you unless you specify otherwise.
  • You can take your coverage with you even if you change jobs or leave your employment.
  • Flexible coverage options for employees and their families.

For more information about Accident Insurance and Cancer Insurance you may contact the Human Resources Office to request a brochure or visit the Colonial Life Insurance web site.