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It is the practice of Colorado Mesa University (CMU) that the safety of its employees, its students, and the public is of chief importance.  The prevention of accidents and injuries takes precedence over expedience.  In the conduct of our business, every attempt will be made to prevent accidents from occurring.  CMU requires that its employees, as a condition of employment, comply with all applicable safety regulations as listed in CMU’s policy manual.

The designated safety program coordinator for CMU is the primary contact for occupational health and safety related matters.  All employees will receive an orientation to the safety policy and rules of CMU upon initial employment, and are encouraged to bring to the attention of their immediate supervisor any unsafe conditions or practices.  Supervisors will communicate these concerns to the safety program coordinator, who will respond to this concern in a timely manner.

Senior management will be actively involved with employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program.  Our safety program coordinator, safety committee, employees, and other members of our management team will participate in ongoing safety and health program activities.

CMU’s Responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Provide safety and health education and training
  • Annually review and update workplace safety rules

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Report all unsafe conditions
  • Immediately report all work-related injuries
  • Wear the required personal protective equipment for your job or task
  • Abide by CMU’s safety rules at all times

We will maintain an active safety committee, enforce written safety policies and practices, routinely hold relevant, motivational and proactive safety meetings, and continually provide up-to-date safety training.