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Step 1

Application collection

We will collect resumes up to the apply by date listed on the job announcement.
Step 2

Applicant evaluation

After the apply by date has passed, our hiring manager and search committees will begin evaluating candidates’ applications.
Step 3

Technical exercise and/or virtual interview

At this stage of the process, the hiring manager/search committee will either engage in a virtual interview or technical exercise. You will be notified of this opportunity via the phone number or email you listed on your application. Please be checking both. If you did not reach the first round, you will receive an email from the search evaluation team letting you know.
Step 4

In-person interview

At this stage in the process, each search will have a different itinerary for their finalists. Learn more about how to prepare for an in-person interview on campus.
Step 5

Job offer and background check

At this round of the interview process, the finalist will be asked to accept an offer via their Cornerstone portal and initiate a background check. All offers are contingent on successfully passing the background check.