Manual, Forms, and Instructions

If you do not find the information you need, or for specific questions related to curriculum changes, please contact the appropriate curriculum committee chair.

Committee Contact Info and Submission Deadlines

Graduate Curriculum Committee

Kristin Heumann, 2018-19 Chair | 970.248.1763

Graduate Curriculum Dates and Deadlines, 2018-19

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Lisa Driskell, 2018-19 Chair | 970.248.1824

Undergraduate Curriculum Dates and Deadlines, 2018-19

Western Colorado Community College Curriculum Committee

Glenn Hoff, 2018-19 Chair | 970.255.2646

WCCC Curriculum Dates and Deadlines, 2018-19

Policies and Procedures Manual

Curriculum Policies and Procedures Manual (May 2, 2019)

2018-19 Forms for Requesting Curricular Changes

Important Instructions for Using the Curriculum Proposal Worksheets

The forms are designed within the Microsoft Word software program. Given the limitations of any software program that must be installed on an individual computer, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure that the forms work correctly:

How to Use the Forms

  1. DOWNLOAD a new form from the website for every individual proposal to modify/add a single program or course.  For example, if proposing multiple course additions, download a new course addition form for each one proposed.
  2. SAVE the form to a network drive with a descriptive name (e.g. "CourseAddition_ABCD100")
  3. WORK from a CMU/WCCC provided computer
  7. Choose VIEW and then EDIT DOCUMENT
  8. Use the TAB key to progress from field to field within the form
    • Using the TAB key triggers the programming within the form to populate the correct drop-down menus
    • Other ways of navigating the forms, such as using the mouse to click into a different section of the form, may cause issues


  1. Do not use a version of the form that you saved on your computer weeks or months ago. Occasionally, the forms may be updated to correct errors mid-year. If you download the form each time you are working on a proposal, you will be sure to have the correct version of the form.
  2. Do not use "Save As" to create different versions of the form. For example, you download a course modification form for the course "ABCD 100" and complete it. Do not use this completed form to create the next modification for "ABCD 200." Due to the limitations of the software, this could lead to errors with form functionality as well as to typos, as some of the data from the previous curriculum proposal could remain in the fields. Instead, download and save the form again to work on the proposal for "ABCD 200".
  3. Do not add editing restrictions to the final form. The committee should be able to enter minor adjustments as needed.

Form Troubleshooting

If you are following the guidelines above, and you still encounter an issue with the forms, please do the following: 

  1. Note the computer (PC/Mac) and version of Microsoft Word being used.
  2. Note whether the issue occurred only after the form was saved and re-opened by a different user. What computer/version was used in each instance? What user? Can the original user close and reopen the form without encountering the same issue?
  3. Note as much detail as possible about the error so that the form developers can attempt to recreate the issue.
  4. If a drop-down menu does not contain the expected option (missing the correct degree type or program), please note the omission, and complete the rest of the form as completely as possible.  Once the form is submitted (be sure to include the notes on any issues) the missing information can be added to the database so that the undergraduate curriculum committee* sees the complete information. We will correct these types of issues for next year's forms.
  5. Submit feedback via any of the curriculum committee chairs.

*Due to the volume of proposals, undergraduate curriculum proposals are reviewed as a database summary by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The other curriculum committees review the department worksheets rather than a database summary. Department worksheets from all committees are included in the database in order to generate a single annual report of all curricular changes.

Forms to Download

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT FORMS: Starting in 2019-2020, program proposals will be submitted through a new online curriculum information management system. This system utilizes online forms, and the Word forms below will no longer be accepted. While this system is in the final stages of development, the forms below may be used to gather information and prepare answers that will be entered into this new system. You will still need to complete and attach the following items with proposals in the system if applicable to your specific proposal:

Program-level changes:
  1. Add a new program 
    • All Program Addition proposals must include a completed Program Addition Revenue Form. Those without this form will be returned to the proposing party. 
  2. Modify an existing program 
    • PTO Curricular Exception Form - This form is for programs already approved for PTO status that are proposing requirement exceptions. It is also for active programs applying for PTO status. See the Curriculum Policies and Procedures Manual above for more information on PTO status.
  3. Delete, deactivate, or reactivate an existing program
Course-level changes:
  1. Add a new course (or reinstate a previously deleted course)
  2. Modify an existing course
  3. Delete an existing course

For assistance in calculating contact hours, engagement minutes, and preparation minutes, you may download and use the Hours and Minutes Calculator tool

If you have questions regarding the forms, please call Emily in the Office of Academic Affairs at 970.248.1463.

Financial Aid Review

If you are proposing a new program, please forward proposal materials and the completed checklist (linked below) to Curt Martin, Director of Financial Aid, at at least one week prior to submitting the proposal to the committee.

Financial Aid Checklist (new programs only)

Course Catalog Description Review

If you are proposing a new course, or wish to modify a current course description, please send the course title and description to Johanna Varner at at least one week prior to submitting the proposal to the committee.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Review

If you are proposing a new program, or are significantly modifying an existing program, please send the program student learning outcomes to Vice President of Assessment and Accreditation Support, Morgan Bridge, at

Library Assessments and Representatives

Some curricular proposals require materials to be sent to the curriculum committee's library representative prior to the proposal being submitted to the committee chair. The deadlines for submitting materials for library assessments are included in each committee's calendar of proposal dates and deadlines (available on committee's web pages), and in general, are one week earlier than the proposal deadline.

For course additions, please submit the following to the Library Representative:

  • the course description
  • justification
  • topical course outline

For program additions, please submit the following:

  • program sheet
  • justification

Please contact the appropriate committee's library representative (see below) for questions.

Library Representative for Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees

Barbara Borst


UCC web page

GCC web page


Library Representative for WCCC Curriculum Committee

Laureen Cantwell


WCCC CC web page