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Colorado Mesa University allows students, student clubs and organizations, faculty and other groups associated with the campus to use outdoor spaces to advertise for upcoming events. In order to maintain the pleasing appearance of the campus, anyone placing signs around campus is asked to follow these guidelines.

Permissible on campus sign placement

  • Signs staked in the grass with wooden, flat top stakes and placed  three feet from the sidewalk.
  • Signs tied to fences or building rails using zipties or heavy cord.
  • Signs tapes on building windows using blue, painters tape.
  • Signs, with proper approval, places on bulletin boards inside buildings (please see building administrators for proper approval).
  • Signs that are 30 square feet or less.
  • Sidewalk chalk, used 50 feet from a building entrance or exit.

Non-permissible on campus sign placement

  • Signs attached to trees, bushes or other plants. 
  • Signs attached to buildings using staples, nails or scotch tape.
  • Signs that block entrances or exits to buildings.
  • Flyers or signs distributed on car windshields in CMU parking lots.

Signs that fall over, blow away from their original location or are damaged in anyway will be thrown away by members of the Facilities Services crew.