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Discover ongoing and upcoming infrastructure enhancements, renovations, and technology upgrades. Stay informed about the evolving campus and the exciting developments shaping our university's future. Valuable information for students, faculty, staff, and visitors!


Jaime Cox
Capital Projects Manager
Campus Services Administration  108
[email protected]

Are you Starting a new project? 

To ensure a smooth and organized process, all new projects are required to use our Project Intake Form. This form helps gather essential details about the project, including its objectives, scope, timelines, and resource requirements.

To access the Project Intake Form, simply click the download button below. By providing comprehensive information through the form, you'll help us assess the project's feasibility, allocate resources effectively, and keep all stakeholders informed about its progress.

Construction at CMU

We recognize that construction activity on campus impacts the Mavily. Our mission is to provide CMU students, faculty, staff and visitors with updates on capital projects ongoing to keep everyone informed about timelines, closures, updates and other information.