Students in the CU-Boulder/Colorado Mesa University Civil and Mechanical Engineering Partnership Programs register through CMU, pay CMU tuition, and are eligible for CMU financial aid and scholarships while taking lower-division courses. Upon transferring to CU-Boulder for the upper-division portion of the program, students pay CU-Boulder tuition and are eligible for CU-Boulder financial aid and scholarships.

CMU Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to qualified students at CMU while they are enrolled as “Pre-Engineering” students working on completion of their lower division course requirements for the BSCE and BSME degrees through the CMU/CU-Boulder Engineering Partnership Programs. 

Visit the Financial Aid Office to learn more about scholarships at CMU.

CU-Boulder Scholarships

Because the final two years of the BSCE and BSME programs are offered through CU-Boulder, scholarships for the final two years of these programs must be acquired through CU-Boulder.  Information on scholarships for CU students is presented to incoming Partnership students at an orientation session each spring.

Information about scholarships at CU-Boulder can be found at:

Transferring Information

CMU scholarships and tuition classifications, such as WUE and Mountains & Plains, are not applicable upon transferring to CU-Boulder. Opportunities exist for a limited number of WUE-type scholarships as a student transitions from CMU to CU-Boulder.  Additional information available from the Partnership Directors.