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Students in the CU Boulder/Colorado Mesa University Civil and Mechanical Engineering Partnership Programs register through CMU, pay CMU tuition, and are eligible for CMU financial aid and scholarships while taking lower-division courses. Upon transferring to CU Boulder for the upper-division portion of the program, students pay CU Boulder tuition and are eligible for CU Boulder financial aid and scholarships.

CMU Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to qualified students at CMU while they are enrolled as “Pre-Engineering” students working on completion of their lower division course requirements for the BSCE and BSME degrees through the CMU/CU Boulder Engineering Partnership Programs. 

Visit the Financial Aid Office to learn more about scholarships at CMU.

CU Boulder Scholarships

Because the final two years of the BSCE and BSME programs are offered through CU Boulder, scholarships for the final two years of these programs must be acquired through CU Boulder.  Information on scholarships for CU students is presented to incoming Partnership students at an orientation session each spring.

Information about scholarships at CU Boulder can be found at:

Transferring Information

CMU scholarships and tuition classifications, such as WUE and Mountains & Plains, are not applicable upon transferring to CU Boulder. Opportunities exist for a limited number of WUE-type scholarships as a student transitions from CMU to CU Boulder.  Additional information available from the Partnership Directors.