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The Engineering Partnership Program offers quality education at an affordable price and the opportunity to earn an esteemed University of Colorado Boulder engineering degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering entirely on the campus of Colorado Mesa University.

Students in the engineering partnership programs enjoy small class sizes, hands-on learning, and faculty who put teaching first. The curricula of the engineering partnership programs are modeled after the corresponding programs at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Experience academic rigor in small classes with professors who know your name.

Enjoy state-of-the art classroom and laboratory facilities and many opportunities for hands-on learning.

The first two years are taught by Colorado Mesa University and the last two years of engineering courses are taught by faculty of the University of Colorado Boulder who live in Grand Junction.

All first- and second-year students in the Engineering Partnership Program are assigned an engineering student mentor who provides 1:1 coaching.

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