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ACCESS Program

Would you like to take CU Boulder course before admission to the CU Boulder portion of the Engineering Partnership Program? You may do so through the Available Credit Courses for Eligible Special Students (ACCESS) Program.

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Prior to admission to the Engineering Partnership Program (EPP) with the University of
Colorado (CU) Boulder, students on track to enter the partnership at Colorado Mesa University
(CMU) may request to take CU Boulder courses via the ACCESS Program with Continuing
Education. Details of this program can be found at

CU Boulder students on the main campus who are not members of the College of Engineering
& Applied Science are not eligible to take engineering coursework. However, prior to admission
to an EPP, students at CMU may request to enroll in CU Boulder engineering
coursework (via the link above), due to the formal partnership with CMU.

Eligibility & Limitations

To enroll in ACCESS courses with CU Boulder, students must be in good academic standing
and on track to be admitted to an EPP based on admissions guidelines at CMU. Eligibility will be evaluated by the Pathway Programs Coordinator upon submission of this form.

Students are limited to taking 9 total credits (generally 3 courses) through the ACCESS
Program prior to admission to the CU Boulder portion of an EPP. Only two courses may be
taken through the ACCESS Program in one semester. These classes will apply to the
student’s degree in the same way as other CU Boulder courses. Questions regarding course
applicability should be discussed with the Partnership Program Director prior to enrolling in CU
Boulder coursework.


ACCESS tuition is determined by residency, not course format, and students are responsible for
all applicable tuition and fees, which can be found at Students should work with their Partnership Program Director to fill out a Consortium
Agreement to ensure that financial aid information is shared between your host campus and CU
Boulder. Nondegree students in the ACCESS Program are encouraged to fill out the online fee
waiver form to request to get all applicable student fees waived at

Timeline & Next Steps

Students interested in taking courses with the ACCESS Program should complete these steps:

Item Timeline
Student submits the EPP ACCESS Program Interest Form 2 months prior to start of class
Pathway Programs Coordinator will review eligibility and send additional details via email to the student Within 1 week of receiving interest form
Student applies to be a non-degree seeking
student through CU Boulder Continuing Education
1.5 months prior to start of class
Student activates IdentiKey (CU Boulder login
credentials) and fills out student fee waiver form
Upon processing of application
CU Boulder applicable department reviews request
for particular course(s)
1 month prior to start of class
Student works with Partnership Program Director
to fill out Consortium Agreement
1 month prior to start of class
Pathway Programs Coordinator ensures
Continuing Education enrolls student in the
approved/requested course(s)
Aug. 1 for fall semester
Jan. 1 for spring semester
Student begins CU Boulder course (note – the
start date of a native CU Boulder course may be
different from the start date of a CMU-CU Boulder course)
Based on Registrar Calendar –

*If you have taken a CU Boulder course through the ACCESS Program within the past 12
months, you do not need to reapply, but you should ensure your semester is active by following
these instructions:

Important Dates

Continuing Education dates for adding and dropping courses may be different from that of main
campus and can be found at

Questions & Changes

It is the student’s responsibility to be in communication with the Partnership Program Director on
their campus regarding any changes in their class schedule. Questions can be directed to
[email protected].

For information contact:

Nathan McNeill

Director of CMU/CU Engineering Partnership Programs


[email protected]