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3D Printing Club is open to students and staff that want to learn about 3D printing or gain advanced skills in rapid prototyping. Learn how to design and finish your own ideas. You can do everything from lost material casting to prototyping an engineering design.

Civil Engineering Club is made up of mostly civil engineering students, but every student with an interest in civil engineering or construction is welcome. We meet once a week to do fun activities like Giant Jenga & natural water testing. Our primary event every year is the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Symposium; featuring a club designed and fabricated steel bridge, concrete canoe, and plenty of other individual competitions! We also go on civil engineering themed field trips and networking events with speakers from the industry to present on applied engineering for various companies and often offer internships.

Computer Science Club provides a space for students interested in Computer Science to meet, learn, and engage in interesting Computer Science events.

Construction Management Club DESCRIPTION TBA

Cybersecurity Club offers a space for students interested in Cybersecurity to meet, learn, and engage in interesting Cybersecurity events.

Engineers Without Borders builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs. We are a diverse group of students passionate about applying our education in a humanitarian context. Our current project serves an indigenous community in Runashitu, Ecuador. We are working to improve their water system which is currently undersized and contaminated. Students work closely with professionals in the community, gaining real-world project management, design, and implementation experience. All disciplines are welcome, stop by one of our meetings to learn more!

The Institute of Electronic & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional society with events, opportunities, and scholarships that best serve the needs of students in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering.

Mesa Motorsports: Formula SAE is an engineering and business-focused club at Colorado Mesa University which meets to participate and compete in Formula SAE, a collegiate design competition presented by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Our primary objective is to design, build, and race a formula-style, open-wheel race car against 120 international teams at the FSAE Michigan race event, held annually in early May. Members are encouraged to apply concepts presented in the classroom and to research applications of new technologies, so as to better themselves as professionals and to improve the quality of the program. Structured as an internship-style organization, FSAE provides students of all backgrounds and majors an opportunity to earn relevant workplace experience and to interact with some of the most prominent engineering firms and automotive manufacturers in the world.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE): If you are a CMU student in a STEM or related field, The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is for you! Membership in this national chapter will provide you opportunities for scholarship considerations, for job interviews with Fortune 500 companies, and for improvements with interviewing skills. If you want to be prepared post-graduation, then this club will help you connect with many other people and employers in your field, and it will help you be prepared for life after college.

Tech Synergy is a computer science club for students who want to take their passion for technology to the next level. Explore the realms of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Game Design, and Code Craft with likeminded individuals. If you’re seeking an exciting journey of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, look no further than Tech Synergy! Our game designers have a fun shoot-‘em-up game running, but we always want your help!

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) is open to anyone and everyone interested! Science and engineering are a collaboration of ideas and people and we want to include you, no matter what your background or major! WISE offers beginner workshops, guest speaker events, and community activities that are designed to educate students on practical knowledge and skills used to apply engineering and other STEM principals. WiSE aims to bring community involvement and leadership of underrepresented genders in Science and Engineering. WiSE's members and volunteers include Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineers as well as biology, kinesiology, occupational therapy, sociology, sports management, computer science, etc. Some of the projects and opportunities WiSE offers include Go Baby Go (a mobility program for young kids with disabilities that fits them with customized electric cars), open shop night, course registration events, social events, soldering workshops, etc. WiSE also offers opportunities to earn scholarships or grants for leaders within the club to better support their educational needs and time commitment to the community.