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The Printmaking program at CMU offers a dynamic array of courses from Intaglio and Relief, Lithography, to Screenprinting. In the introductory course’s students will be taught the foundational techniques, processes, and tools used in the printmaking medium. As the courses progress students will gain confidence in the medium as they are encouraged to explore the intricacies of the techniques and their personal vision.

Printmaking has a strong historical background which influences the current studio practice allowing a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to be taught. In the upper division courses students are encouraged to expand the complexity of the projects, develop creative thinking skills, and personal artistic concepts to focus on. In printmaking, students must demonstrate strong technical skills with craftsmanship, conceptual growth, and a mature understanding of the historical and contemporary methods and techniques. The final courses will involve the production of a portfolio, development of an artist statement, and the ability to orally communicate about the artwork.

Lithography Class


Student Work


Printmaking Student Inking a Woodblock Print

Printmaking Student Printing a Woodblock

Student prepping a print

Student cutting paper in the printmaking studio
Rolling ink on a woodblock

Printmkaing class during a demonstration by Josh Butler

A student showing the print she just did

A student working on painting and printmaking techniques

Printmaking Class