Applying for Your Veterans Educational Benefits

To apply for your federal education benefit, submit an application at This application will start the process for you to receive your federal education benefit. Once you receive your VA Certificate of Eligibility in the mail, you will submit this to the CMU Veteran's Benefits Coordinator. The certification letter from the VA will state what federal education benefits you able to receive.

Submit your VA Certificate of Eligibility and a Veteran's Enrollment Certification Request E-Form to the CMU Veteran's Benefits Coordinator.

Residency Classification

Certain exemptions for in-state tuition status are available for military personnel if: 1) military personnel is active duty and stationed in CO – copy of orders needed to consider student, spouse, or children in-state without further documentation; 2) Honorably Discharged Veteran – copy of DD-214 reflecting Honorable Discharge or Certificate of Eligibility for veterans affairs benefits. 

Service members who do not receive an honorable discharge are not eligible for in-state status under the state statutes or for federal veterans education benefits.  These students, may, however, meet Colorado in-state residency requirements outlined in C.R.S. 23-7-103.

Contact the Veterans Benefits and Services Coordinator for further details. 

College Opportunity Fund (COF)

 If you receive the in-state residency status, you must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) as the VA will not pay for this amount.  Please go to to apply. 

Complete FASFA paperwork

Even though you will be receiving VA education benefits, you may qualify for grants that you can use with your benefits.  You do not need to take out loans, but you can accept any grants that are offered to you.  Work study is also awarded through the FASFA paperwork which would allow you to work on campus while you are attending school.  Please visit for more information. 

Financial Aid for Veterans and Dependents


For assistance, contact the CMU Veteran's Benefits and Services Coordinator in the Veteran Services office, located in Houston Hall 121, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 970.248.1739.


Know Before You Owe

Dear Veteran,
Prior to enrollment, Colorado Mesa University strives to provide prospective students who are eligible to receive Federal military and veterans educational benefits with information to help them understand the total costs of attendance at CMU, the amount of that cost that will be covered by Federal educational benefits, the type and amount of financial aid they may qualify for, their estimated student loan debt upon graduation, information about student outcomes, and other information to facilitate comparison of different educational institutions.

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid

Student Success

For additional questions, contact
Veteran Services Coordinator, John Peresta, 970.248.1739, [email protected]


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