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Add/Drop/Withdrawal Dates

Click here to see Spring 2023 dates

Schedule Changes

Students, if you add, drop, or withraw from a class or all of your classes please email [email protected] and inform us of this schedule change. Submitting another VECR is not necessary. 


Monthly Enrollment Verification for Post 9/11 -                    Now required by VA!

Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) facility Students:

Effective for terms starting on or after 12/17/21, monthly enrollment verification is required to continue receiving MHA/kicker.

Learn more about how to opt into text verification! #GIBill

Link to Enrollment Verification Webpage


Access to all CMU E-Forms to include:

Major/Minor Change

Veteran Enrollment Certification Request (VECR)

VA COE Hold Override (Submit DD-214 or Certificate of Eligibility) 

Special Override Email Request


Access to Registrar Forms to include:

Course Late Add Form

Course Withdraw Form

Enrollment Appeals Form

All students using veteran benefits must do Total Withdrawals and class withdrawals through the Veterans Services office!  If you are in Montrose or WCCC campus, please contact us at (970) 248-1739.