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CMU does not automatically certify benefit recipients for each term. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they are certified every semester that they want to receive benefits.

A Veteran Enrollment Certification Request (VECR) e-form is required for each term that a student wishes to use benefits — students will not be certified without it. Make this a priority to ensure that your benefits are paid on time. You can submit a VECR after you have registered for your classes. Late submissions are acceptable but payment may be delayed.

Best practices: Submit 30-60 days before first day of semester.
                    Semester Attending          Open to submit VECR         Submit (no later than)
Spring Semester November 1st  January 1st
Spring taking a J-Term Class November 1st December 1st
Summer Semester  April 1st May 1st
Fall Semester  June 15th August 1st


If you submit your VECR after the no later than date we will get you certified; however, your benefits may be delayed.

***A mass email reminder will be sent out on the "Open to Submit VECR" day for each semester***


 Step 1: Register for Classes

***Remember the VA will only pay for classes on your degree works program sheet.***
If you need help registering for classes, make an appointment with Veteran Services.
Or schedule an appointment with your advisor (found on degree works) if you are unsure on which classes to sign up for. 
MS Teams Video Chat (to use share screen), or
Location: Houston Hall
Room 121

Step 2: Submit Veteran Enrollment Certification Request (VECR)

Only submit one VECR per semester.