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3rd Annual Student Showcase

The Student Showcase is an annual event highlighting student works involving creativity, discovery, research, innovation and/or entrepreneurship by undergraduates at Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College.

Over 340 students presented 140 projects at the 3rd annual Student Showcase on April 25, 2012. Abstracts of the projects are available in the 2012 Showcase Proceedings.

Congratulations to the 2012 Student Showcase Winners!

Career & Technical Education: Derek Dodson, Frank Livingston, Greg Pierson "Small Engine Dual Fuel Conversion (CNG & Gasoline)."

Fine & Performing Arts: Melanie Butler, Candys Betsworth, Kendra Meder "Animation: Persistence of Vision."

Languages, Literature & Social Sciences, Track 1: Katrina Adams "Figures in Sylvia Plath's Poem 'Daddy'."

Languages, Literature & Social Sciences, Track 2: Robert Archer "The Shadow of Irma Grese: The SS-Aufseherinnen as a Reflection of Social Memory and The Banality of Evil."

Languages, Literature & Social Sciences, Track 3: Caitlin Westerson "Eager for Education: Factors Affecting Academic Performance."

Mathematics & Computer Science, Track 1: Emily Harbert, Cora Charneskey, Eric Wilcox, Marshall Sweatt "Automated Resident Protection System."

Mathematics & Computer Science, Track 2: Caitlin Anderegg "Sperner's Lemma and the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem: Real World Applications."

Mathematics & Computer Science, Track 3: Brandon Gregg "Game Theory."

Mechanical Engineering, Track 1: Zachary Black, Pace Bates, Aaron Clymer "Fluid Dispensing Linear Gantry."

Mechanical Engineering, Track 2: Jesse Brewer, Tim Johnson "Coefficient of Restitution for Golf Equipment."

First-Year Mechanical Engineering Design Expo, Track 1: Mark Barlow, Kenneth Klein, Benjamin Blandina, Adam Degemann, Vail Hall "Pendulum Wave."

First-Year Mechanical Engineering Design Expo, Track 2: Victoria Chavez, Dylan Ashby, Chris Walters, Cody Warfield, Daniel Wingardner "Hydrogen Fuel Cell -- Energy of the Future."

Professional Programs, Track 1A: Ashley Wiseman, Melissa Asay, Amber Harrington "The Entertainment Industry: A Financial Overview of the 'Big' Players."

Professional Programs, Track 1B: Steven Nolan "Game Your Way to the Top: A Virtual Experience for Entry-Level Positions."

Professional Programs, Track 1C: Sydney Jensen "Hedonic Model for House Prices in Montrose, Colorado."

Professional Programs, Track 2A: Amanda Haire, Mary Pierik "Effect of Regularly Scheduled Oral Care on the Occurrence of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia in Non-Mechanically Ventilated Adults."

Professional Programs, Track 2B: Naomi Sikora, Shonda Cook, Tashi Lewis, Rebekah Wilson "Evidence-Based Practice in the Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers."

Professional Programs, Track 2C: Authumn Ransom, Anna Rehl, Edna Wellman "Obesity and Nursing Safety."

Professional Programs, Track 3: Kohl Marconnet "Pre-Cooling Effect on Run to Exhaustion."

Sciences, Track 1: April Ilacqua "Investigation into the Mechanism by which Green Tea Catechins Affect Dictyostelium Development."

Sciences, Track 2: Melani Jensen "Proposed Kokopelli Extension of the Riverfront Trail."

Sciences, Track 3: Jennifer Graham, Alexander Asay, Michael Dunlop, Benjamin Haveman, Tyrell Kipp, Roderick Maclean, Max Schultz, Aaron Tofsrud, William Walsh "Laramide-Age Structures of the Northern Colorado National Monument-Fruita Area of the Uncompahgre Plateau, Western Colorado."

Student Showcase Planning Committee

Andres Aslan, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Jennifer Barton, Academic Affairs

Blake Bickham, Teacher Education

Julie Bruch, Languages, Literature and Mass Communication

Adele Cummings, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Keith Fritz, Kinesiology

Carol Futhey, Academic Affairs

Suzie Garner, Art

Philip Gustafson, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics

Darin Kamstra, Music

Luis Lopez, Languages, Literature and Mass Communication

Beverly Lyne, Health Sciences

Cindy Lueb, Sponsored Programs

Bill McCracken, Manufacturing Technology, Western Colorado Community College

Deborah Parman, Business

Timothy Pinnow, Theatre

Steve Werman, Academic Affairs; Biological Sciences