How to Apply to Student Showcase

Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2019 by 11:59 pm.

Once the student has  submitted the online application, it will automatically be routed to the faculty sponsor/mentor, as noted in the application, for approval. The Showcase Planning Committee will only consider a submission after the faculty sponsor/mentor has approved the abstract. If the faculty sponsor/mentor finds errors in the submission, s/he may ask the student to revise and resubmit the abstract, if there is still time to do so before the deadline. Please apply earlier rather than later to ensure that there is plenty of time if changes need to be made to your abstract.

Applications need to be submitted via the Student Showcase App in MavZone:

  1. Log into MavZone.
  2. On the Dashboard, find the Showcase App under Trending Apps.*
  3. Click on the Student Showcase App to complete your Showcase application and submit your abstract. 

*If the Showcase App does not appear under your Trending Apps, please click on Applications on the left side of your MavZone screen. Then, scroll down to find the app or use the search function with the term "Student Showcase" to find the app.

  • Students are limited to participating in a maximum of two projects.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications may be submitted for individual or group presentations.
  • All applications must identify a faculty sponsor (mentor). Please confirm that the faculty member agrees to provide sponsorship for your project prior to completing the application. The faculty sponsor/mentor must be a current CMU faculty member.
  • Students currently enrolled at Colorado Mesa University (at either the Grand Junction or Montrose locations) or at Western Colorado Community College are eligible to apply for participation in the Student Showcase.
  • All applications must include an abstract. (See the Abstract Information tab for requirements, formatting guidelines, and examples.) You will copy/paste the abstract text into the "Abstract" field. Your abstract will be published as submitted in the application form. It is your responsibility to carefully review for spelling, formatting and/or content errors.
  • Students with a disabilities are encouraged to apply. For accommodations please contact Dr. Aparna Palmer at 248-1881 no later than March 1st, 2019.
  • Your completed abstract, reviewed by your faculty sponsor/mentor, and saved as a Microsoft Word (or similar program) document so that you can copy and paste the text into the application. 
  • The name, email address, and academic department of your faculty sponsor/mentor.
  • If you complete the application on behalf of a group of presenters, you will also need each group member's complete first and last name and CMU email address.
  • Whichever student completes the application on behalf of a group will be considered the primary contact person for the presentation.
  • Only one application should be submitted for a group presentation, with the submitting student listing the other group members as co-presenters on the application.
  • You will know your submission was successful if you are taken to the confirmation message on this website after your complete the application.
  • The faculty sponsor/mentor that you list in your application will receive a separate confirmation email.
  • The planning committee will review your submission only after you faculty sponsor/mentor as approved the automatic confirmation. 
  • Once you submit, please plan to be available from 1 - 5 pm during the afternoon of April 19th, 2019. Due to the nature of planning an event with 500+ presenters, exact presentation times and locations will not be available until about one week prior to the event.
  • Plan to attend the entire session in which you present.
  • By mid-April, presenters will receive information via email with details for the Showcase schedule.
  • Check this website periodically for new Showcase details.