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Applications Open on February 1st!

If you have questions about the application, please email [email protected].

Yes! Groups should choose one person to submit the application, and this person will serve as the primary contact person for the group project. The primary applicant will be able to enter all co-participant names on the application.

Please only submit ONE application per group project.

Keep in mind that students are limited to participating in a maximum of two projects per year, and each group project counts towards this total.

  • The faculty sponsor must be a current CMU faculty member or one that mentored you in the previous summer or fall.
  • All applications must identify at least one faculty sponsor, although more than one is also acceptable.
  • Please confirm that the faculty member(s) agrees to provide sponsorship for your project prior to completing the application.
  • Once the student/primary contact person has submitted the online application, it will automatically be routed to the faculty sponsor, as noted in the application, for approval. If more than one faculty sponsor is listed, the application will be routed to the first (primary) sponsor listed. The Showcase Planning Committee will only consider a submission after the faculty sponsor has approved the application and the accompanying abstract. If the faculty sponsor finds errors in the submission, s/he/they may ask the student to revise and resubmit the application/abstract, if there is still time to do so before the deadline.
  • You will know your application submission was successful if you are taken to the confirmation message after you complete the application.
  • The faculty sponsor/mentor (your primary sponsor, if you have more than one sponsor) that you list in your application will receive a separate confirmation email. 
  • The planning committee will review your submission only after your faculty sponsor has approved the submission. 
  • By the beginning of April, presenters (or the primary contact persons, in the case of group presentations) will be notified of whether their project has been accepted into the Showcase.
  • By mid-April, presenters/primary contact person will receive information via email with details for the Showcase schedule.
  • Please check this website periodically for new Showcase details.
Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For accommodations for the application process, please contact the Academic Affairs office at 970-248-1881 or [email protected]. Once your application has been accepted, please let Dr. Middleton know what accommodations you need for presenting your project by April 15th, 2024.