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Showcase App opens Monday, January 23rd!

To apply to participate in the 2023 Showcase, please follow these directions when the Student Showcase app is available to all students in January of 2023:

In order to apply in 2023, please use the Student Showcase app in your MAVzone. The app will lead you to the online application form. Once you log into MAVzone:

  1. Click on Applications on the left side of the screen.
  2. On the Applications dashboard, find the Showcase App under Trending Apps.*
  3. Click on the Student Showcase App to complete your Showcase application and submit your accompanying abstract. 

*If the Showcase App does not appear under your Trending Apps, please click on Applications on the left side of your MAVzone screen. Then, scroll down to find the app or use the search function with the term "Student Showcase" to find the app.

Applying to Participate as a Group

If you are part of a group project, please choose one person in your group to submit the application. This person will be the primary contact person for your group project and will be able to enter all of the co-presenter names into the application.

Application Deadline

The applications for the 2023 Showcase will be due March 8, 2023.

Faculty Sponsor Approval Process

Once the student/primary contact person has submitted the online application, it will automatically be routed to the faculty sponsor, as noted in the application, for approval. If more than one faculty sponsor is listed, the application will be routed to the first (primary) sponsor listed. The Showcase Planning Committee will only consider a submission after the faculty sponsor has approved the application and the accompanying abstract. If the faculty sponsor finds errors in the submission, s/he/they may ask the student to revise and resubmit the application/abstract, if there is still time to do so before the deadline.

In general, please apply earlier rather than later to ensure that there is plenty of time for your faculty sponsor to review your abstract and approve it by the application deadline.