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This year marks the 12th anniversary of the Student Showcase!

What is the Student Showcase?

The Student Showcase is a yearly event that celebrates the creativity, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and artistic performance of CMU/WCCC students from all of our campuses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

When does the Showcase occur?

This year, the 2021 Student Showcase will occur on Friday, April 30th on the main campus of CMU in Grand Junction, Colorado. The event is open to the public. Please note that face masks and safe social distancing will be required for all attendees and participants.

If You are a Student Participating in the 2021 Student Showcase:

Please review your emails from [email protected] and see the Instructions for Presenters under Resources for Student Participants for important information about the day of Showcase!

Student Showcase Program and Proceedings

View the program and proceeding for Colorado Mesa University's twelfth annual Student Showcase.

View Program

Campus Map

A map of Student Showcase venues on the main campus including guest parking areas.

Is parking available for guests (including family members/friends/community members) who want to attend the Student Showcase?

Yes, guests can park in the following areas:

  • University Center (UC) Parking Garage (CP11, P1)
  • The Parking Area west of the Art Building (CP9)
  • Maverick Center (MC) Parking Garage
  • Health Science (HS) Parking Lots (M16 and M26)
  • Any of the Pay to Park lots (P2, P3, P4, P5, P6)

Guests parking in these areas will NOT be ticketed on the day of this year's Showcase, April 30th, 2021. Use the View Map button above to access a map of Showcase venues and guest parking areas.

Who is eligible to participate in the Showcase?

CMU and WCCC students who are currently working on original projects, or have completed projects since the end of the spring semester of 2020 are eligible to present at the 2021 Student Showcase. So, students who completed a project during the summer and fall of 2020 are eligible as well. Projects done independently or in collaboration with peers and/or faculty mentors will also be considered. Projects that are prepared as part of a class project are also eligible.

How do students apply to be in the Showcase?

The Showcase application is available as an app in every student's MAVzone portal starting in January of each year. The app allows students to access the electronic submission process.

Because every project must have a faculty sponsor, a faculty member (preferably the faculty mentor for the project) is named as a sponsor on each application. The sponsor is responsible for advising his/her students on how to design and present the projects that they are sponsoring. They also proof the abstracts before they are submitted as part of the application process. Students may have more than one faculty sponsor if appropriate.

This year's applications were due on March 14th, 2021. Next year, the applications will be due in March as well. For more detailed information on how to apply and prepare for next year's application process, please check out the How to Apply section of this website.

The Student Showcase is a chance for students to share their talents and accomplishments with their families, friends and community.


2021 Planning Committee

Dr. Aparna D.~N. Palmer, Academic Affairs, AVP for Student and Faculty Success (Chair)

Ms. JoAnne Reis, Academic Affairs

Ms. Erin Rooks, Academic Affairs

Mr. Aaron Osborne, Academic Affairs

Ms. Brooke Arrieta, Academic Affairs

Mr. Jeremy Smith, Marketing

Mr. Evan Curtis, Art and Design

Dr. Paul Hampton, Biological Sciences

Dr. Shiang-Lih Chen-McCain, Business

Mr. Michael Philipp, Business

Dr. Ann Gillies, Center for Teacher Education

Dr. Bill Adams, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Scott Bevill, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Warren MacEvoy, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Erin Donovan, Health Sciences

Mr. Brent Alumbaugh, Kinesiology

Dr. Colin Carman, Languages, Literature, and Mass Communication

Dr. Cathy Bonan-Hamada, Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Kristen Yun, Music

Dr. Catherine Whiting, Physical and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Justin Gollob, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mr. Scott Andrews, Theatre Arts

Mr. Casey Dry, Western Colorado Community College