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2nd Annual Student Showcase

Thank you to all of the students, faculty mentors, faculty facilitators, and staff who contributed to the success of the second annual Student Showcase on April 27th, 2011.

At the second Student Showcase on April 27, 2011, approximately 250 undergraduates from Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College presented nearly 120 projects to faculty, staff, and student peers, in an event highlighting student creativity, research, and innovation.

Student Showcase logoCongratulations to the 2011 Student Showcase winners listed below. Learn more about their projects in the Showcase's Proceedings.

Career and Technical Programs: - Donald Cardin, David Farnsworth, Tyler Mooney, and Mike Rowe, "CNG Motor Conversion: A Greener Future with Compressed Natural Gas"

Fine and Performing Arts: Track 1: - Lisa Solko, "A Successful Mix of Art Promoted in Media and Exhibitions of Today"

Fine and Performing Arts: Track 2: - Dustin Wise, "A Music Video Presentation of: The Mustard Seed Theory"

Languages, Literature and Social Sciences: Track 1: - Spencer Rockwell, "Performative Abstract Expressionism: Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl'"

Languages, Literature and Social Sciences: Track 2: - Jesús Raffo-Risco, "The Feminine Voice of Latin America: Claribel Alegria"

Languages, Literature and Social Sciences: Track 3: - Carrie Imel, "Kill the Indian, Save the Man"

Mathematics and Computer Science: Track 1: - Kristian Ambors and Milton Arroyo-Diaz, "Time Capsule"

Mathematics and Computer Science: Track 2: - Rashad Khamis, "The 'Hot Hand' in Basketball"

Mechanical Engineering: - Zach Black, "Projectile Motion Study"

Mechanical Engineering First-Year Design Expo: Track 1: - Ryan Benson, Jason Johnson, Rosalio Moreno, and Conrad Sweat, "Human-Powered Monowheel"

Mechanical Engineering First-Year Design Expo: Track 2: - Jeremy Cleaveland, Julia Crown, Elijah Liestman, and Drew Soper, "An Educational Exhibit to Demonstrate Electromagnetic Suspension"

Professional Programs: Track 1A: - Rob Hartop, Julie May, and Luke Sutherland, "Viability Analysis of Juice Junction"

Professional Programs: Track 1B: - Megan Vogel, "Establishing Trust in an Electronic Commerce Environment"

Professional Programs: Track 2: - Douglas Bolton, John Horn, Alexandra Melgoza, Scott Nauman, and Janelle Ruis, "Re-Use of Face Masks in the Hospital Setting"

Professional Programs: Track 3: - Michael Cramer, "The Effect of Moderate Alcohol Consumption on Fuel Utilization, Perceived Exertion and Running Performance Between Sexes"

Sciences: Track 1A: - Geoffrey Warden, "Evidence for Incision of the Colorado River Related to Historic (1880-1940) Arroyo Events in the Semi-Arid Southwest"

Sciences: Track 1B: - Julia Fritz, "Isoprenylcysteine Methylation is Required for Cytokinesis in Dictyostelium"

Sciences: Track 2: - Casey Brown, "A Comparative Study of Two Prominent Football Throwing Techniques"

Student Showcase Planning Committee

Andres Aslan, Physical and Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Barton, Academic Affairs

Blake Bickham, Teacher Education
Julie Bruch, Languages, Literature and Mass Communication
Adele Cummings, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Keith Fritz, Kinesiology

Carol Futhey, Academic Affairs

Suzie Garner, Art

Philip Gustafson, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Alma Jackson, Health Sciences

Darin Kamstra, Music
Luis Lopez, Literature, Languages and Mass Communication
Cindy Lueb, Sponsored Programs
Bill McCracken, Manufacturing Technology, Western Colorado Community College

Jessica Oviatt, Academic Affairs
Deborah Parman, Business

Timothy Pinnow, Theatre

Steve Werman, Academic Affairs; Biological Sciences