Wellness Assessments


Here at the Hamilton Rec Center, we are committed in helping you reach your wellness goals and providing you with any information that will assist you in your fitness routine.  An assessment can serve several purposes for you in reaching a higher level of physical fitness. Testing results can be used to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and periodic re-tests can assess your progress over time.

The assessment session will last approximately 1 hour and will assess the following components of physical fitness:

  • Resting Measurements: 
    • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate
  • Anthropomorphic Measurements (Body Composition): 
    • The relative amount of fat to fat-free mass (muscles, bones, organs, etc.)
      • 3-Site Skinfolds
      • Circumference Measurements
      • Body Mass Index
      • Waist to Hip Ratio
      • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance: 
    • How efficiently your body delivers oxygen and nutrients, while also getting rid of waste
      • 3-Minute Step Test
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance:
    • Strength: The greatest amount of force of a muscle or muscle group that can be exerted in a single effort utilizing the Hand Dynamometer
    • Endurance: The ability of a muscle or muscle group to sustain repeated exertion of a sub-maximal force utilizing the Push-up and Curl-up Test
  • Flexibility/ROM & Postural Analysis:
    • Range of motion of a joint utilizing the Manual Flexibility Test and Postural Analysis
  • Determining Calorie Needs:
    • Calculating Resting Metabolic Rate

Please use the following tips to prepare for your assessment:

  1. Don't workout beforehand. Come dressed to workout (shorts or loose fitting pants, t-shirt, sneakers).

  2. Try not to eat a large meal 1.5-2 hours before your appointment. A light snack more than 30 minutes prior to your appointment is appropriate.

  3. Hydrate yourself continuously throughout the day, drinking plenty of water.

  4. Please avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and tobacco for 3 hours before your appointment.

  5. Feel free to bring a workout towel and water bottle with you to use during your training session.

Wellness Assessments are a free service provided to all current CMU students and Faculty & Staff gym members. They are also available to CMU Faculty/Staff non-members, and Alumni, Family, Golden Scholar, and Mav Club membership holders for a fee. A current membership is required to receive the discounted rate.

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Request Packet to the HRC front desk. Payment will be collected at this time if it is due. Once your packet has been received, you will be contacted within one to three business days to schedule your appointment. Cash, check and credit card are accepted. All services are non-refundable.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. For additional information, please contact the Manager of Wellness & Fitness at 970-248-1234 or email cmuwellness@coloradomesa.edu. To contact the rec center front desk, please call 970-248-1592.

 Wellness Assessment Rates