Nutrition Counseling Services

Our Nutrition Counseling services provide you the opportunity to learn more about your current nutritional status. 

All appointments must be pre-paid at the rec center front desk, or by calling 970-248-1234 with credit card information. Nutrition Counseling Services are available to CMU students, faculty, and staff, as well as Alumni, Family, Golden Scholar and Mav Club Membership holders. A current membership is required to receive the discounted membership rate.

Nutrition counseling service rates

24-hour Cancellation policy

Schedule Your Appointment

Once you have purchased your nutrition service, please email or call 970-248-1234 to schedule your appointment. Please include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • The preferred day and time you would like to schedule your appointment
  • The type of appointment you wish to schedule

Health History Questionnaire should be completed prior to your appointment time.

The initial 45-minute appointment will begin with an in-depth discussion pertaining to your specific eating habits related to your overall health (food intake, exercise, sleep, etc.). You will be provided reasonable recommendations for eating better and improving your health based on your dietary recall, as well as your individual needs and desires. Goals will be set by the end of the first appointment to help you start making positive changes one step at a time.

Also included, the 30-minute follow-up appointment will begin by checking up on the changes that were recommended and making any necessary adjustments.

If you must cancel your appointment, we require at least 24-hours' notice. Failure to communicate will result in the client forfeiting the session and no payment reimbursement will be granted. Please call the rec center front desk if you are unable to show for your appointment, or if you will be late.

Rec center front desk: 970-248-1592

Jess StielerJess Stieler has been an active part of the Hamilton Rec Center since 2013. After earning a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University, she worked on educational and market farms, as an elementary school garden teacher, and as a nutritionist in a low-income neighborhood health clinics in Oakland, CA. She continually seeks opportunities to learn as well as educate about where our food comes from and how we can use this knowledge to make decisions that benefit our personal health as well as that of the environment. She embraces a local whole foods diet and values the role of plants in healing and good health.

Jess’ goals are to simplify rather than complicate nutrition concepts and to honor a client’s individual needs when it comes to creating a plan for health. She has experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds with various health needs and wellness goals, including improved athletic performance, disordered eating, digestion issues, women’s health/pregnancy, chronic illness, and general healthy eating and cooking. She is well aware of the challenges people face daily when trying to eat well and is passionate about helping others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In her daily life, Jess likes to create many things in the kitchen. She is constantly cooking, baking, canning, and fermenting. The rest of her time is most often spent outdoors, practicing or teaching yoga, and growing or foraging her own food.