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A strong visual identity helps establish a strong and compelling brand for Colorado Mesa University. It enables CMU to build awareness and it contributes to the reputation of the university. The desired use of the visual identity is accomplished through the proper use of the school's visual elements discussed on this website.

The students, faculty, staff and administration directly impact the CMU brand. These stakeholders shape the reputation of the institution through their actions, comments and messages to the outside world. An increase in the awareness and credibility of the university results in strengthening the institution's reputation with both internal and external communities. The following visual identity enables the institution to deliver a concise and cohesive message to all audiences providing a sense of familiarity that builds confidence towards the institution. Having a strong reputation enables CMU to effectively recruit and retain outstanding students and faculty, encourage interaction with both internal and external communities, and promote an emotional connection with the university.

This resource has been developed by the Marketing and Communications Office as a guide to effectively support the university's strategic goal of strengthening our brand awareness and perception. Adhering to the guidelines and best practices within this resource will improve the stature of the institution. It will create a competitive position that will contribute to the long term growth of the organization and will established CMU as a credible institution of higher education. It will also help develop positive brand recognition from all audiences. This website ensures that all stakeholders that use CMU brand assets are equipped with the tools and knowledge to manage their communications in a way that strengthens the CMU brand.





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