Brand Platform

CMU's brand platform helps to define the principle values and competitive advantages of Colorado Mesa University. It is the explanation of, and framework for, our brand. Every effort is made to center all communications around the values in this platform.

Consistency is key. A brand is conveyed in every touch point, every communication, every interaction — it is imperative to our success that we speak with one voice. Whether it’s a letter, a brochure, an email, a poster, web page or phone call, our brand depends upon every communication utilizing consistent messaging that reinforces our brand values and our brand promise.


Our brand promise is a commitment to students, prospective students, our community and stakeholders. It is how we position CMU in the hearts and minds of all of our audiences. The core defining statement behind our promise is that we are:

Uniquely inspiring a better future.

We believe that higher education can do better. That small classrooms are better than big. That professors are better when they can concentrate on teaching. That state-of-the-art technology is a necessity when preparing students for the future. And that a quality education should be within reach of anyone willing to work hard enough to achieve one.

These are the ways that we are uniquely inspiring a better future.

CMU’s brand pillars are our proof points, the key messages that help to keep our brand promise. One or more of these points should be included in every communication:

  1. Our dedicated, accomplished faculty are focused on teaching.
  2. Our technologically advanced classrooms allow professors to teach more effectively and students to learn more comprehensively.
  3. Our intimate classroom settings provide an environment conducive to learning.
  4. Our diverse curriculum is rooted in experiential learning.
  5. Our natural setting fuels a work-hard/play-hard mentality, providing opportunities for physical challenges and mental inspiration.
  6. We provide an education at an incredible value — giving more students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

A brand personality drives our brand voice but is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all of our traits. In order to be effective, it needs to be a focused set of a select few traits — that when taken as a whole — drives our brand voice. Our brand personality is:

Friendly, Energetic, Competitive, Can-do, Scrappy

Ultimately, we want to imagine a person who embodies all of these traits. How this person would speak, look and act is how CMU should be portrayed to all audiences. Additionally, CMU’s brand personality traits include: confident, innovative, dynamic, inspiring, engaging, accessible, caring, adventurous, ambitious, welcoming, friendly, self-sufficient, intelligent, curious, well-rounded, down-to-earth, creative, outdoorsy, reliable and practical.