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Tomlinson Library fosters academic success and excellence through its professional and support staff, who provide information literacy instruction and actively develop quality services, resources and facilities.


Tomlinson Library aspires to:

Expand the reputation of the university and the value of education.

Become the intellectual center of the university by fully integrating its information literacy instruction, user services, advanced technologies, and traditional and virtual collections throughout the academic programs of the institution.

Provide a flexible state-of-the-art facility with a variety of attractive and comfortable study spaces and classrooms that encourage reflection, intellectual exploration and academic interaction.

Recruit, develop, and retain an expert, flexible and responsive staff of librarians and support personnel in order to provide easy access to the highest quality of library service and materials.

Instill in students the information literacy skills essential for lifelong learning.

Connect students, faculty and staff with information needed for learning, research, and creative activity.

Offer technology to facilitate faster and ever wider access to needed information.

Values and Expectations

Tomlinson Library and its staff are committed to:

Education – We embrace the importance of student-centered education and strive for continuous improvement in our teaching, collection, and technologies.

Service – We provide excellent service, staff, and information access to support our students and faculty wherever they are.

Inclusiveness – We respect the ideas and beliefs of the individual and the resulting diversity of perspectives and approaches.

Innovation – We believe that the Library can be improved with innovation and creativity and are not afraid to take calculated risks.

Expertise – We value the knowledge, experience, skills, and continuing education of the individual and bring these together in collaboration.

Partnerships – We rely on professional, consortial, and faculty partnerships to further our mission.

Stewardship – We demonstrate responsible stewardship of our resources.

Accountability – We practice transparency, integrity and trust in our actions, decisions and daily activities.

Respect – We value the integrity of the workplace. We support and respect decisions made whether or not we agree with them. We believe in the integrity and trustworthiness of our co-workers and acknowledge their contributions. We respect our co-workers by practicing active listening, open communication, and flexibility. We recognize and value our differences and treat others with consideration and dignity. We recognize the need for and value of each position in achieving the mission and goals of the Library.

Tenets of Librarianship – We uphold the basic tenets of librarianship. We believe in intellectual freedom, professionalism, confidentiality, and life-long learning. We oppose censorship. We provide free and equal access to all. We are committed to an informed citizenry to support our democracy.