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Tomlinson Library's Special Collections and Archives department collects and provides access to materials on the history of Western Colorado and the archival records of Colorado Mesa University. The collections include digital content; physical manuscript and record collections; rare books; publications relevant to the department's collecting areas; the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission archive; and items of material culture such as pottery, artwork, and memorabilia.

Digital content is available in the Colorado Mesa University Digital Archive hosted by Mountain Scholar. Physical holdings can be identified using this searchable PDF, the library catalog, or by contacting the Special Collections and Archives Librarian.

Tomlinson Library Special Collections and Archives includes material that may contain content considered sensitive, harmful, or offensive according to present views. These items indicate societal attitudes and norms at particular points in time. All material in Special Collections and Archives and the Colorado Mesa University Digital Archive is retained, preserved, and made available without alteration in an effort to represent the historical record. We provide access to materials without endorsing the attitudes, expressions, or behaviors found within them.