University Archives

The Colorado Mesa University Archives acts as the memory of the institution by collecting, preserving, and providing access to the historical records of the University. Our collections include records from the president, faculty senate, athletics, and theatre and music, as well as student and University publications, photographs, memorabilia, and promotional material.

Materials available online include:

  • The College and University catalogs (1926 - 2017) provide an overview of policies and courses over the years and reflect the changes the University has undergone as it has grown and changed to meet the needs of its students and community.
  • The Criterion (1931 - 2013; incomplete) has been the student newspaper since at least the early 1930s and contains a snapshot of student life and student concerns over the decades.
  • The Journal of the Western Slope was a student academic journal started in 1986. The last issues was published in 2002.
  • The Maverick yearbook had its inception in the 1945-1946 academic year and continued until 1980. The closest thing to a yearbook in earlier years was the April 8, 1939 issue of the Mesa College Criterion and the News Mag published in 1941.

Materials available in Special Collections & Archives include:

  • Athletics Office records
  • Campus photograph collection
  • Student publications, including The Literary Review and Pinyon Poetry
  • Marketing and communications brochures and pamphlets
  • Theatre Arts Department programs, posters, and photographs