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Tomlinson Library computers are available to current students, staff, and faculty with a MAVzone login, within the guidelines of the Colorado Mesa University Computer Use Policy.

Public computers are available to guests with a one-hour guest pass, available at the Checkout & Reserves Desk on the Library's first floor.

Guests may use the computers subject to the Colorado Mesa University Computer Use Policy and with the following restrictions:

  1. Guest users are limited to 1 hour of public computer use per day. Please monitor your time, as you will be logged off at the end of the hour.
  2. For your own security, log out of all accounts before your login expires.
  3. Priority is given to students for research and scholarly use. During high demand times, guests may be asked to relinquish use computers before their hour is up.
  4. Display of images that create a visibly hostile environment is prohibited.
  5. Information saved to the public computers is not private--save your files on your own portable storage device or cloud account.
  6. No software may be installed on public computers by any users.
  7. Printing and copying is available to guest users--find help and current pricing at the Checkout & Reserves Desk.
  8. Guest users with extended research projects may request extended access at the Research Help Desk.
Failure to observe these guidelines may result in the loss of computer and/or Library privileges. Please address any questions or concerns about this policy to any Library staff member. Thank you for your cooperation.