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The Academic Honors Program within the Department of Languages, Literature, and Mass Communication offers you an opportunity to enrich and expand what you have learned while studying English, Mass Communication, Philosophy, or Spanish. Completion of honors requirements varies by academic program, but each includes opportunities for you to actively engage in more advanced study through coursework and a capstone project that can include research or creative work and a presentation in a scholarly venue. Students completing a program's academic honors requirements are recognized at CMU's Commencement Ceremony.

Applying to the Program

To to be considered for admission into the Academic Honors Program, the applicant should submit:

  • The Academic Honors Program Application
  • An attached summary that describes the details of the applicant's scholarly background, community and/or University service, and academic awards.

Please submit the completed application to Dr. Tiffany Kinney, 970-248-1056, or [email protected].

For more information

Students are welcome to contact Dr. Tiffany Kinney, Department Head of Languages, Literature, and Mass Communication at 970-248-1056 or via email at [email protected].