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We can't escape the importance of language. Language allows us to represent ourselves, our ideas, concepts, and actions. We use language to express ourselves, create identities, preserve our thoughts, and generate new realities.

And while all of us use English, we make it our object of study. We want to trace its history, explore its uses, and evaluate its practice. But that's not enough: we want to teach you how to use language. While language allows us to work, language also allows us to play, experiment, explore, and create. In fact, we share the sentiments of the Inuit poet Orpingalik who reminds us that "The most festive thing of all is joy in beautiful, smooth words and our ability to express them." 

To ask questions, arrange for a visit, or learn more about declaring an English major, please contact us at 970.248.1687 or email us at [email protected].

We hope you will join us.