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"There is no area of education with a greater potential--or a greater responsibility--than that of foreign language education [because] in our classroom we have the opportunity to help students become open, accepting, caring citizens of the world community." --Genelle Morain

In addition to providing fundamental knowledge of the Spanish language, the Spanish faculty at Colorado Mesa University is committed to helping students develop effective communicative skills in Spanish as well as providing an understanding of the relationship between language and its various cultural manifestations.

The faculty members in Spanish at Colorado Mesa are valued for their expertise and experience. Among their ranks, there is a professional journalist; a federally-certified translator/interpreter; a specialist in linguistics; a specialist in Latin American women writers; and a specialist in Spanish for Secondary Education. The faculty members are professionally active in their fields and routinely research, present, consult, publish and lecture.

After completing our program, students go on to work in business, translation, and teaching, as well as furthering their education in graduate programs.

Placement Exam

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Visit Us

Our offices are always open to our students. Please stop by and visit with us about our program. Our offices are located in Escalante Hall.

Declare a major

If you would like to declare a major in Spanish, please see Angela Kimmel in Escalante Hall 237. She can also be reached at 970.248.1687

Spanish can complement any other major, making students more marketable in their respective fields. Please see the requirements for minoring in Spanish. Minor in Spanish