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Energy management/Landman professionals provide business services for natural resource companies; principally gas and oil. They work with landowners to acquire or obtain the rights to use land for energy needs. They often conduct research to determine who actually owns the land and negotiate contracts among land owners, government agencies, and/or companies to enable energy production, transport, and sale to the public.

As the energy industry evolves, CMU students can play a part in the search for pioneering solutions to global energy challenges. With the Landman/Energy Management program at Colorado Mesa University, graduates will be poised for success in the business side of the growing energy industry with diverse job opportunities around the globe or here in Colorado. The CMU Landman program provides a dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum taught by expert faculty and industry leaders. Students have opportunities to network with guest speakers who are at the forefront of the industry, access site and facility tours that are second to none, and participate in CMU clubs like the Land Energy Management Club as well as in internships with global companies based in our region.


• Company landman
• Energy Auditor
• Government Administrator
• Government Regulator
• Independent field landman
• Independent land consultant
• Industrial Buyer
• Industrial Transportation Specialist
• Land/Energy Consultant
• Project Manager
• Public Administrator
• Public Utilities Manager
• Renewable Resources and Planning Director
• Surveyor
• Teacher
• Urban/Regional Planner

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a bachelor’s degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

• Collect and analyze data related to energy and land use.
• Use equipment, schematics, and maps.
• Research claims, use permits, and easements for a select property.
• Negotiate terms of sale and/or use of a property.
• Network with industry professionals, land owners, and various agencies.
• Prepare, file, and/or present or submit permits, proposals, and claims.

• Energy Companies
• Petroleum Companies
• Natural Gas Companies
• Government agencies
• Law & Acquisition Firms
• Land Brokerage
• Title Companies
• Trade and labor organizations
• Educational institutions

Skills Needed by Energy Management/Landman majors:

• Analytical reading
• Computer literacy
• Coordinating activities
• Critical thinking
• Data Interpretation
• Directing activities and staff
• Flexibility
• Information handling & organization
• Leadership
• Numerical computation
• Operate equipment
• Oral & written communication
• Organizing activities
• Planning activities
• Problem solving
• Sound decision-making
• Strong Interpersonal skills
• Technical skills

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