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Studio Art examines two and/or three-dimensional art design concepts and elements. Studio art students will develop skills, sensitivity, and aesthetic judgment while pursuing individual interests within studio areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking, fibers, ceramics or sculpture. A background in the visual arts can provide a variety of opportunities in the areas of studio art, art organizations, and applied design.

The BFA degree in Art with a concentration in Studio Art at Colorado Mesa University combines strong curriculum requirements in design, drawing, studio (either two or three-dimensional), and art history. CMU provides numerous internship and exhibition opportunities and resources, as well as student clubs and national and international travel opportunities. The Studio Art program culminates in a senior exhibition in the University Center art gallery. Upon graduation students are prepared to pursue a career as an artisan or continue with graduate studies in art.

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• Airbrush Artist
• Animator
• Architectural Renderer
• Art Buyer, critic, dealer, director or exhibition coordinator
• Art Graphic Assistant
• Art Historian
• Art Therapist
• Art Teacher
• Audio Visual Artist/Designer
• Book Illustrator/Designer
• Calligrapher
• Caricaturist
• Cartoonist
• Ceramic Artist
• Cinematographer
• Costume and Mask Designer
• Courtroom Sketcher
• Curator or Assistant
• Decorator
• Designer
• Drafter
• Editorial Illustrator
• Engraver
• Fabric Designer
• Fashion Artist/Designer
• Furniture Designer
• Gallery Owner
• Glass Blower
• Graphic Arts Technician
• Graphic Artist
• Illustrator
• Landscape Designer
• Layout Artist
• Magazine Designer/Illustrator
• Mechanical & Production Artist
• Medical Illustrator
• Motion Picture Scenic Designer
• Municipal Graphic Designer
• Mural Artist
• Museum Artist
• Printing Designer
• Product Designer/Illustrator
• Sculptor
• Set Designer/Illustrator
• Silhouette Artist
• Stained Glass Artist
• Still Photographer
• Textile Designer
• Topographer
• Toy Designer
• Trademark Designer
• Typographical Artist

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a bachelor’s degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

  • Create original works of art for display or commercial use
  • Etch, carve, paint and/or draw artwork on materials, such as stone, glass, canvas and wood.
  • Develop drawings, diagrams and models of subjects for use in publications, research, academia,
    entertainment and/or teaching.
  • Communicate with clients to develop projects according to their specification.
  • Study diverse styles, techniques, colors, textures and materials used by other artists to duplicate or
    interpret new pieces of art or in the reconstruction or restoration process of an original piece.

• Advertising agencies
• Apparel manufacturers/textile mills
• Art studios
• Auction houses, photo agencies & studios
• Department/retail stores
• Government & private museums/galleries
• Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers & guidance facilities
• Interior design departments
• Local historical societies
• Libraries
• Media and publishing houses
• Magazines/newspapers & trade publications
• Media and entertainment production companies
• Public/private art schools
• Private/local arts councils

Skills Needed by Studio Art majors:

  • Basic reading, writing, and editing skills
  • Creative and Imaginative
  • Effective oral, written, and technological communication skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Flexible 
  • Self-motivating
  • Work independently or in teams

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