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There are over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide and Spanish is a prevalent language in the United States. As a result, the demand for people who speak and understand the Spanish language is growing. Spanish majors explore the fundamental aspects of the language, develop communicative skills, and explore historical and cultural manifestations of the language. Many fields seek Spanish speakers including business, education, health care, social service and many more so there is an abundance of possible career paths.

The Colorado Mesa University Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program offers two major concentrations: Hispanic Studies and Secondary Education. All students benefit from classes that provide knowledge and skills related to communication in Spanish as well as the understanding of the relationship between its language and its cultures. Hispanic studies majors are well rounded in that they are required to take a range of classes to strengthen their skills in professional environments and to gain valuable insights into the Spanish language, literature, histories, and culture. These courses include but are not limited to: translating, interpreting, Business Spanish, Spanish for medical and social services, literature of Latin-America, and literature of Peninsular Spanish. The Secondary Education track leads students to licensure in Colorado through faculty guidance and classroom experience.

CMU’s Spanish Program also offers Spanish students language and professional development
experiences outside of the classroom setting, including study abroad trips to Spanish-speaking countries
like Costa Rica and Spain. The Department also hosts the annual Four Corners Conference, during which
students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals from a wide range of disciplines while
discussing issues related to the Four Corners region.

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• Accountant
• Advertising manager
• Advertising copywriter
• Air traffic assistant
• Archivist
• Art dealer
• Banking correspondent
• Bilingual officer/clerk
• Bilingual educator
• Civil service employee
• Commercial loan officer
• Consultant
• Court interpreter
• Cultural attaché
• Cultural officer
• Customs/immigration officer
• Drug enforcement officer
• Editor
• FBI agent
• Filmmaker
• Foreign diplomat
• Foreign correspondent
• Foreign exchange trader
• Foreign service officer
• Foreign service peacekeeper
• Foreign social worker
• Fund raiser
• Guide
• Human resources director
• Importer/exporter
• International account manager
• International banking officer
• International consultant
• International trade specialist
• Interpreter
• Journalist
• Lawyer
• Library technician
• Linguist
• Media specialist
• Missionary
• Museum coordinator
• National security agent
• Negotiator
• Oversees personnel manager
• Peace corps volunteer
• Police officer
• Professor
• Proofreader
• Public health administrator
• Radio/TV announcer
• Reporter
• Salesperson
• Scientific linguist
• Travel agent
• Translator
• Travel writer

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a Bachelor’s Degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

• Translate business documents from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish
• Communicate with a Spanish-speaking student in a classroom.
• Teach Spanish to a group of students.
• Assist with clients traveling to or from Spanish speaking regions for vacation.
• Translate for Spanish-speaking businesses.
• State/Federal Government
• Armed Forces
• Immigration agencies
• Narcotic agencies
• Law enforcement
• Health services
• Missionary services
• Tax consultant firms
• Hospitals
• Schools/universities
• Publishing companies
• Libraries
• Museums
• Travel agencies
• Airlines/airports
• Banks
• Marketing firm
• Advertising agency
• Import/export firms
• Hotels

Skills needed by Spanish majors:

• Read and write Spanish well
• Ability to speak Spanish clearly
• Ability to understand speakers of Spanish
• An understanding of cultural diversity
• Willingness to relocate
• Be able to speak to groups
• Patience

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