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The Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies degree program prepares students to enter the world of outdoor industry business management, sales, and marketing, adventure services, guide services, adventure programming, public lands management, outdoor education, expedition planning, and adventure leadership. The Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies degree program recognizes the multifaceted nature of the outdoor industry, combining a wide range of coursework in outdoor leadership, business management, innovation and entrepreneurship, adventure planning, tourism, risk management, stewardship and sustainability.

Through study and experience, students completing the degree in Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies will be prepared to work in one of the largest growing segments of the economy: the outdoor recreation industry. At more than 2% of the GDP and over $880B in consumer spending per year, the outdoor recreation industry is a powerhouse economic driver that demands a highly skilled workforce.  Students will gain qualifications for jobs in such fields as outdoor industry business- including retail and manufacturing- resort and ski area management, state and national park service, outdoor education, camp administration, and professional guiding.

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• Professional Guiding
• Ski Area Management and Operations
• Outdoor Education
• Outdoor Industry Manufacturing
• Outdoor Industry Business and Marketing
• Public Lands Management
• Outdoor Industry Events and Races
• Conservation and Stewardship
• Summer Camp administration
• Public Health and Wellness
• Public Lands Policy and Advocacy
• Adventure Filmmaking

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a Bachelor’s Degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

• Guide clients on ziplines, through whitewater, in the backcountry, on mountain summits
• Marketing and operations of ski areas
• Teach children and adults to take risks and learn about the great outdoors
• Invent a new outdoor project and manufacture and sell it
• Sell outdoor industry products
• Become a ranger at a National Park
• Build trails for the US Forest Service
• Coordinate a bike race
• Work for Protect Our Winters and other conservation nonprofits
• Play with kids all summer at an outdoor camp
• Teach your community about the intersection of public health and outdoor recreation
• Develop policies that advocate for recreation on public lands
• Make videos of epic outdoor adventures
• Guiding companies
• Ski Resorts
• Outdoor Education Facilities and Programs
• Summer Camps
• Bicycle manufacturers
• Outdoor product manufacturers
• Outdoor Industry Nonprofits
• Public Land Managers (like the National Park Service and BLM)

Skills Needed by Outdoor Recreation majors:

• Love and passion for the outdoors
• Positive attitude
• Excellent communication skills
• Risk management
• Leadership
• Ability to work with diverse groups
• Resilience
• Sales and marketing
• Love of people

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