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Colorado Mesa University's Department of Physical and Environmental Science - Geosciences Program offers A.S. and B.S. degrees in Geosciences, plus a minor degree in geology as well as a minors in Watershed Science and Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST).

The major concentrations in Geology are designed for students who have one or more of the following goals:

  • Desire a strong liberal arts education with emphasis on Earth Sciences,
  • Wish to pursue a graduate degree after graduation,
  • Desire a professional career in industry, government agencies or consulting, or
  • Wish to teach earth sciences in secondary education

Geology majors interested in graduate school should review the following Graduate School Recommendations.

Geology majors interested in a petroleum-related career should review the following Petroleum Career Recommendations.


For the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, three options are available:

Required Geology Courses for BS degrees

The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree is designed for students who intend to continue their education and obtain a baccalaureate degree. The A.S. is the appropriate choice for students who will take upper division coursework in mathematics, biological sciences, and physical sciences:


The Geology minor program is designed for students in other disciplines who wish to broaden their knowledge, background, and competence in the earth sciences. Graduates are finding employment in government agencies, environmental, energy, and mining industries, and in teaching.

Click on the links below to see program requirements for degrees and minors in Geology, Watershed Science and Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST).


CMU offers the courses required to complete the river science track of the River Studies and Leadership Certificate, which is granted by the River Management Society. The certificate complements the geosciences degrees for students interested in pursuing careers in river sciences. For more information:

Declaring your Major

Choosing an academic advisor early on during your Program is one of the most important keys to success! To declare a major or minor in Geology, please speak to Amy O'Campo in the PES/Biology Office in the Wubben Science Building, WS 232. She can also be reached at 970.248.1993.

Program Sheets

Program Sheets for the degree programs in Geology can be downloaded directly from the Academics section of the Colorado Mesa University website. They can also obtained from the PES/Biology Office in the Wubben Science Building, WS 232. For more information, please call Amy O'Campo at 970.248.1993.