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Colorado Mesa University's GIS&T program enables students to secure jobs in the rapidly growing field of geospatial technologies. Geospatial technologies offer abundant job opportunities for qualified graduates. CMU's GIS&T students have continued on to a variety of settings including:

  • Graduate school
  • Federal Governments
  • State governments
  • Municipal governments
  • County governments
  • Regional planning organizations
  • Archaeological consulting
  • Environmental consulting
  • Federal land management agencies
  • Geological consulting
  • Mining and petroleum industries
  • Fisheries and wildlife management
  • Private business

Several internships provide opportunities for direct observation and on-the-job learning for CMU students enrolled in the GIS&T program. Students in geospatial science may be employed by the BLM, Forest Service, Mesa County, City of Grand Junction, and other organizations.

According to the US Department of Labor report in 2003 Geospatial Technology is rated as the third fastest growing field in employment. There is a strong demand for people who are trained in GIS&T, and this program enables students to secure jobs in this rapidly growing field. As GIS&T is increasingly used in public and private businesses across the country, career opportunities for students who complete the GIS&T program are excellent. The CMU GIS&T program is designed to meet the needs of the future.


Scholarships are also available for students in the geospatial technology program. Each year, the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) provides $1000 to Mesa State College for scholarship to outstanding GIS&T student. Other organizations also provide scholarships.