Computer Recommendations

Students pursuing a BFA degree in Graphic Design or Animation, Film, Photography and Motion Design are strongly advised to consider purchasing an Apple computer along with the related print, animation, film, photography, motion design, and web design software for their personal use. This recommendation was established and implemented in 2002-2003.  You will find education pricing for students at the Apple website ( and there are a variety of discount software sites available where students can purchase software including the Adobe website (

The CMU Graphic Design and AFP&MD faculty believe students who have their own computers will not only be able to work on assignments in the comfort of their own home, but will excel in ability as they gain more experience using the software. After all, you can't play football without a football or the trumpet without a trumpet, and the computer is the football for Graphic Design or AFP&MD majors. Our faculty want students to succeed and believe they really can't excel in Graphic Design or AFP&MD without a computer and the software used in each industry.

We recommend a computer purchase be made upon completion of the ARTG 215 Graphic Design I & ARTG 221 Graphic Design II course work along with a successful Sophomore Review that precedes acceptance into the Graphic Design program.

Courses Requiring Computers and Software

All AFP&MD Courses

Graphic Design Courses:
ARTG 301 Computer Illustration
ARTG 320 Letterforms and Typography
ARTG 338 Advertising Design I
ARTG 339 Advertising Design
ARTG 405 Web Site Design
ARTG 406 Advanced Web Site Design
ARTG 450 Identity Design
ARTG 493 Portfolio Development