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In the introductory sculpture courses, students will be introduced to techniques and processes including basic welding, beginning mold making, multimedia construction, and bronze casting.

The Bronze Casting courses delve in to the world of the lost wax process and ceramic shells. As the courses progress students will gain the knowledge of proper studio practices and the technical creative process of making molds, pouring bronze, and then ending with a finished bronze sculpture. Students will be knowledgeable in a variety of techniques, patinas, and pouring procedures.  

In the Sculpture/Construction courses students are introduced to MIG welding, woodworking, beginning metal fabrication, and more. As the courses progress students are able to focus on a specific interest as they work through the assignments. Students will gain knowledge in working with steel, wood, and multimedia works.  

In all sculpture classes research and learning about historical artists, processes, tools, and techniques are highly encouraged.

Student Iron pours