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Students will learn about materials and techniques as they create their own ceramic art.

Pick up practical knowledge, aesthetic forms, technical approaches, solving problems, and content while the students explore clay as a medium.

In ceramic courses, students will learn how to produce ceramic art. They learn hand-building and wheel-thrown ceramics; experiment with molding, ceramic sculpture, glazing methods, altering techniques, trimming techniques, and firing methods for both electric and gas kilns as well as learn how to operate a ceramic studio facility. Students will be encouraged and guided on the development of their own artistic style and techniques. 

Student Work


Clay Recycling day with the CMU Clay Club students


Marcus Fingerlin working on his figurative sculptures


Professor KyoungHwa Oh and student Matthew Jones at his senior exhibition


Nicole LaRose installing her sculptures


Professor KyoungHwa Oh and Student Hannah Martin loading the kiln





Elise Uribe at her senior exhibition


 Caleb Brown working on his sculptures


 Professor KyoungHwa Oh and student Ashtonn Means at her senior exhibition


Hannah Martin, Caleb Brown, and Marcus Fingerlin having fun in the studio 


KyoungHwa Oh demonstrating for one of her classes