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Training and Preparation Requirements

Students wishing to study Design Technology at Colorado Mesa University should have training and experience in backstage/technical elements (ie. sound, lighting, costuming, scenic construction, properties, stage management, run crew or painting, just to name a few).

Written Requirements

Please do not staple or bind these documents.

Completed application must be received by the Department of Theatre Arts within one week of your audition date.

Applicants must submit a resume which details any training and experience you have in theatre, music and/or dance. Please attach as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Examples of resume formats can be found here.

Please attach a recent headshot. A senior photo or any clear portrait photograph is acceptable. Please also bring one HARD COPY of the headshot and resume to the audition. These will not be returned.

An official high school transcript is required by the Department of Theatre Arts for all incoming students. (This is in addition to one required by the CMU Admissions Office.) Transfer students must provide transcripts from all colleges attended. Bring copies with you to the morning meeting before your audition. Please do not staple or bind these documents. These materials will not be returned.

Portfolio Requirements

  • A photographic documentation (portfolio) of your realized or non-realized design work.
    For example - Photos of: a set you designed or built, costumes you designed or built, lighting you designed or hung/focused, props you are proud of.  (Label each photo with the production title, date, and venue.) You may also include research, thumbnail sketches, drafting of construction elevations, painters elevation, floor plans, light plots or other hardcopy documentation, presentational renderings or models. Non-theatrical artwork may also be included. This is like a scrapbook of your representative body of work.


  • A Stage Managers “bible”, or prompt script, with all supporting reports and forms.

Note: PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations are a viable alternative to paper portfolios.