Mavettes Tryouts

2019-20 Tryouts

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May 3, 2019
Moss Performing Arts Room 304

Dance Technique, Fight Song and Jazz Choreography
There will be a cut going into day #2.

May 4, 2019
Moss Performing Arts Room 304

Jazz Choreography from Day 1, Fight Song, Hip Hop Choreography and another choreography combination for game day.

Demonstrate a 1-minute solo (demonstrate your strongest skills, technique and traits)

What you need in order to audition for the Mavettes Dance Team Program:

  • 2.8 GPA or higher (you will not be selected if your have below a 2.8)     
  • Proof of your acceptance to Colorado Mesa University or a transcript if you're already enrolled
  • Enrolling or enrolled as a full-time student of 12 credit hours or more
  • A letter of Recommendation
  • Accepted terms of the policies in the tryout packet

What we are looking for to accepted as a member of the Mavettes Dance Team:

  • Outstanding academic students 
  • Law-abiding citizen and overall outstanding person in the community
  • Commitment and loyalty: This program requires 12-20 hours per week, the Mavettes program takes priority over all including employment (2nd to academics only). 
  • Hard working and drive for success and for your future.  
  • Works well with the others on the team and demonstrates strong communication skills
  • Strong understanding jazz dance technique
  • Picks up choreography quickly and demonstrates excellent performance qualities
  • Must be able to pick up corrections and be able to adapt and fix them during the audition process
  • Appropriate social media behavior that complies with program, university, and NCAA policies 

What happens if you're accepted as a member on the Mavettes Dance Team:

  • The 2019-2020 team will be announced on this website and members will receive an acceptance letter via email on May 10, 2019.
  • All member are required to enroll in the Dance Team course, DANC 154 (freshman), 254 (sophomore), 354 (junior), and 454(senior).
  • All members will have weight training and  is required to learn choreography via the band app during the summer. 
  • All members must be on campus by August 10, 2019 for a mandatory meeting.
  • All members will participate during training week, August 10, 2019- August 18, 2019. (UDA camp and gear up for game day week) 
  • All members are responsible for paying for their Maverick Spirit Pack which includes any CMU gear: practice wear, team shoes, additional team shirts, warmups, additional sweaters, back packs, duffle bag, and fees for UDA training week. The spirit pack is $700.00 and is charged onto your student account to be billed with your tuition. 
  • All members and their parents must understand that the member accepted is the acting adult now. Communication with parents is not allowed per university policies unless it's an emergency. Any situations that may occur between the member and the program is managed between the immediate parties only. Any communication on behalf of the student will be redirected to the student and the parent will not receive a response from the coach. This is a policy at every university and college which pertains to all sports, programs, and classes. All payments made to pay for the Maverick Spirit Pack and tuition is a private matter as the student is the acting adult. If the Spirit Pack is not paid, it is billed to collections under the student's name, not the parents.  

We do not offer any scholarships at this time for the Mavettes Dance Team. The Mavettes Program is one of the only dance team programs in the state of Colorado that provides low fees for a college dance team. We make it our goal to pay for all travel and uniforms through fundraising and community events.