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Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2024-2025 Dance Team will be held in person on May 3, 2024, and May 4, 2024. The option for video submissions is available with the approval from Coach Shelbie Johnson. If indeed you're approved to submit video submissions, the video submissions will be due May 3, 2024, by 5:00 pm.

For all participants, there will be video tutorials of jazz choreography, game-day choreography (fight song and sideline), and dance technique. The video tutorials will become available on April 13, 2024. Participants will need to complete the required application process before receiving the video tutorials of the content needed to learn for the video submissions. Once the application process is complete, you will receive an invite to a community tryout page where you'll be able to access the material required. Tryout clinics will be available on April 13, 2024, to review the material provided in the tutorials. 


Application Process

What you need to audition for the Dance Team Program:

  • Proof of your acceptance to CMU or a transcript if you're already enrolled.
  • Proof of current GPA: currently enrolled CMU students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to be selected.
  • A letter of Recommendation
  • Headshots
  • Complete the terms of the policies in the tryout packet attached below. 


All the required documentation listed above should be emailed to [email protected]


Video Tutorial Information

Video Tutorial 1: Jazz Choreography
Follow the tutorial for jazz dance choreography.

Video Tutorial 2: Game Day: Fight Song
Follow the tutorial for fight song choreography.

Video Tutorial 3: Game Day: Sidelines
Follow the tutorials for the sideline choreography. 

Video Tutorial 4: Dance Technique 
A video tutorial will be provided on the minimum jazz technique required to be considered and our regular team technique. The minimum jazz technique consists of a clean double pirouette on both sides, grand jete (leaps), a toe touch, a double toe touch, and kickline variations. Although this is the minimum to be considered, our team jazz technique consists of triple pirouettes, various leaps, pique tour variations, a la seconde tours, turning disks, double disks, calypsos, and more. 

Video Tutorial 5: Requirements for our 1-minute solo
Demonstrate a 1-minute solo (demonstrate your strongest skills, technique, and traits)


What we are looking for to be accepted as a member of the Dance Team: 

  • Full-time student of 12 credit hours or more
  • Maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Outstanding academic students 
  • Law-abiding citizen and overall outstanding person in the community
  • Commitment and loyalty: This program requires 12-20 hours per week, the Dance Team program takes priority over all including employment (2nd to academics only). 
  • Hard working and drive for success and for your future.  
  • Works well with the others on the team and demonstrates strong communication skills
  • Strong understanding of jazz dance technique
  • Picks up choreography quickly and demonstrates excellent performance qualities
  • Must be able to pick up corrections and be able to adapt and fix them during the audition process
  • Appropriate social media behavior that complies with program, university, and NCAA policies 

What happens if you're accepted as a member on the  Dance Team:

  • The 2024-2025 team will be announced in person following the tryout and on social media.
  • All members are required to enroll in the Dance Team course, DANC 154 (freshman), 254 (sophomore), 354 (junior), and 454(senior).
  • All members will have weight training and choreography via the band app during the summer. 
  • All members must be on campus for a mandatory meeting in August 2024. 
  • All members will participate in training week which takes place the week before the start of the fall semester.
    • Training week: August 11, 2024-August 17, 2024. 
  • All members are responsible for paying for their Maverick Spirit Pack which includes any CMU gear: season performance top, practice wear, team shoes, additional team shirts, warm-ups, additional outdoor apparel, backpacks, duffle bag, poms, and team earrings. The spirit pack is $750.00 and is charged to your student account to be billed with your tuition. 

We do not offer any scholarships at this time for the Dance Team.  


Attend Tryouts Clinic