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Information for Advisors with students studying abroad

  • Students should be meeting with you if they are needing signatures for class transfers or if they have questions about their college plan or about classes required for their major. If they are asking about specific schools abroad or the application process, they should be contacting [email protected].
    • If the student is studying through ISEP, it is up to them to determine what school they are wanting to attend. ISEP offers over 150 universities; therefore, we do not know specifics of individual universities. ISEP provides them with ample information about the foreign university, therefore they are able to do the research and decide what school they want to apply to.
    • If students have questions about specific university, they can email [email protected] and we can get them in contact with an ISEP representative.
  • Students need to fill out an Exchange Program Credit Agreement before they depart
    • This form is an estimation of what students will take abroad. Students typically do not create their final schedules until they are at the foreign university.
    • Advisors sign for any major-related classes
    • Registrar’s Office signs off for any other classes such as general electives or Essential Learnings
  • Do not meet with a student to transfer classes when they have not done previous research.
    • ISEP provides links and information on classes that are offered abroad. The student should be coming into the advising meeting with classes they are wanting to take as well as classes at CMU that they are wanting them to transfer as.