Foreign University Partners

Copenhagen Business Academy

  • CMU has a direct agreement with Copenhagen Business Academy (CPH)
  • CPH is CMU's one and only foreign partner university to-date
  • Located in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen
  • Denmark's largest business academy
  • High quality education programs within business, IT, and innovation.
  • Great option for CMU's business students
  • ISEP does not offer any placements in Denmark, so it is a great opportunity to study in Denmark for a semester!
  • Visit CPH's website to learn more

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Wanting to go Spring 2020?

  • Nominations are due October 15th, 2019
    • Schedule an appointment with us to confrim your interest
    • After the nomination deadline, you will receive an application
  • Applications are due November 1, 2019
  • Students pay for 15 credits of CMU tuition and fees according to your current tuition classification
  • Room/board and living expenses are paid to CPH, estimated at 400-700 Euros per month
  • Students must apply for a residency permit at a consulate in the U.S., estimated to be $355
  • Students purchase the transportation to Copenhagen and are responsible for all personal expenses including meals
  • CPH is a great option for business studentscph-classroom.jpg
  • Various classes are offered within the business field. Students pick a program (marketing management, sport management, innovation, and entrepreneurship, etc.) and take classes within that program
    • See the course catalog here (located at the bottom of the page)