Financial concerns should not be a barrier to anyone who wants to study abroad!

Financial planning tips:

  1. Understand your current cost of attendance and room and board costs at CMU
  2. Meet with the CMU Financial Aid Office to review your current financial package and discuss your plan to study abroad
  3. CMU merit scholarships can be used for 2 semesters if going on ISEP EXCHANGE. Students will work with Financial Aid during the second semester, as it has to be manually added, since the student would not yet have their foreign grades added into the CMU system before the start of their second semester abroad.
  4. Private scholarships may be used for any type of study abroad option but must be confirmed with the scholarship donor
  5. Let us help you find a program that works for you!
  6. Review the study abroad specific scholarships below (note this is not an exhaustive list)

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