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Experience a journey you will remember forever!

Maribor, Slovenia Copenhagen Macy, Rome Glencoe, Macy

10 reasons to study abroad:

  1. Expand your world view. Explore and understand cultural values, beliefs and attitudes that you may not be familiar with.
  2. Improve career opportunities. Understanding multiple cultures and languages can help you expand your network worldwide and broaden your job opportunities.
  3. Learn another language. Improve your multi-lingual skills so you can establish connections with people from a different culture and develop friendships around the world.
  4. Gain first-hand cultural experience. Learning about another culture is a lot more interesting when you can immerse yourself in their daily lives.
  5. Make new friends from around the world. Making friends across the globe can open your mind to new and exciting possibilities.
  6. Discover new things about your own culture. Gain a deeper understanding about your own culture through the eyes of someone from a different part of the world.
  7. Learn more about yourself. Traveling abroad gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself, push beyond your boundaries and become more self aware.
  8. Strengthen your communication and teamwork skills. Learning how to communicate in a different culture can be challenging. Overcoming language and cultural barriers strengthens your ability to communicate effectively and work with others.
  9. Boost your confidence. Traveling abroad is a great way to become more independent and discover what you are truly capable of.
  10. Become a savvy traveler. Improve your navigational skills, understand transportation regulations, uncover exciting opportunities and travel the world like a professional.