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The University is currently working on launching a new, easy-to-use online eProcurement portal. The new portal — called Source360 —will modernize and improve the way we all make work-related purchases. 

With the introduction of Source360, we will be able to, among other things:                                                    

  • Leverage the collective purchasing power to negotiate with vendors to buy what we need, but pay less for it—from the smallest items such as pens and pencils and cleaning supplies, to computers and sophisticated lab and research equipment; and,
  • More easily and efficiently place orders for—and review and approve the purchase of—all goods and services, eliminating manual processes for requisitioning, vendor payment and reimbursement;

Source360 will transform how we procure goods and services, transitioning from OneCards (except for travel) and Direct Pays to a more efficient and effective purchasing process. Source360 will provide easy access through an Amazon-like shopping experience to our top suppliers, including those for office, scientific, technology and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) supplies.